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Well here is day one of my website. i will primarily be using this to promote Limbo, sell Merch but most importantly to give readers a better insight into my life. For today its going to be short and sweet but tomorrow i will add something a little more personal. My time is so busy right now juggling my full time job, a wife and a baby and prepping things for my first convention. I do enjoy the stress though. i live a pretty low stress life so every now and then its good to have to sweat a bit.

Limbo is a comic book about love and redemption. its the story of a man who at rock bottom gives up and lets his emotional pain destroy him. He will journey through fantastical lands and meet horrifying and beautiful people along the way. His ultimate journey though will be one of salvation. Not just of his soul but also his mind. I will be using stories and themes from tons of religions and spiritual practices and this book is neither condoning or condemning any of them. i am simply crafting a story and using them as a tool.

This book came from a time in my life when i was living with a dear friend and we were having too much fun. Every now and then i would get these reoccuring nightmares and when i woke up i would doodle them and kind of leave them at that. well after awhile i realized that all the pictures kind of worked with one another into a story so i brainstormed and fleshed it out. The dear friend i spoke of earlier eventually stopped having as much fun in life as he should have and many years later committed suicide. This would have a serious impact on my life and shook my very core beliefs. I watched as this great man was overtaken by the people around him. He bottled up his feelings until one day he could not take it and found a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I tell people that i loved him and i truly did. Foresight is not very common in a twenty something year old and if he could have seen past his emotional pain he would have seen he was very nearly over the hump that he couldnt see the top of.

As you soon will read in #1 of Limbo our protagonist Sebastian is soon facing a similiar uphill battle. His actions will have a lasting affect on not just his loved ones but also on his own life. thanks for starting this journey with me and while i know this story sounds depressing its a story about love. Love is work, painful and tough but if you are tenacious enough and fight hard, you will be rewarded. So maybe-spoilers: when we get to the last issue, we will have a happy ending.

(heres one of those pages i did way back when circa 2007)

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