3 weeks to PlanetCon!

hey all just wanted to check in and drop some art off. So far everything is going pretty well with the book. tomorrow it should begin to be printed and sometime next week it will be finished. i can not explain how great it feels to finish this. it has been so long in the making! if anything it just gears me up to keep working hard on issue 2. so far i have a bunch of pages pencilled and inked for it but i think i am going to redo a few of them and try to release the best product i can. Im sure i seem like a broken record, but planet comic con in Kansas City will be here really soon. i am getting all the buttons and prints and banners and comic sleeves and about...everything haha.im still deciding if i am going to do sketches during the show, really want to talk to people and get the book into peoples hands.

Anyways heres some art i have been kicking around and another original thumbnail i did for the comic back in '07. thanks for everyone who i am working on art for, i am close to having it done and sent to you. have a good one!

Facebook - Page 2
after that dialogue it says: some may call this dreaming. This

(P.S. also check the pictures in my gallery for the newest art i am working on!)

#Limbo #Kristoforharris #Comics #Nostalgia #whiskey

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