The Proof is in the Pudding


Well everyone sorry for running a little late on updating the blog i was out of town. My wife and i went to Wichita to visit my family and for her to go to a teachers retreat kind of thing. it was great to see my family and let Leanora hang out with her cousins and uncle and the whole bag. Its always nice to get away from home.

While i was away i got a call from the printer im using and found out they were having a difficult time getting a proof made with the specs i wanted. so after a long and lengthy discussion, followed by some brain storming and quick thinking we got it made! Its an unusual, albeit awesome,sensation looking at this collection of doodles and illustrations in its final form. MARCH 3RD, THIS PUPPY WILL BE PRINTED!!. The only thing i have to do now is sell them. no easy task but im looking forward to meeting people and getting the book out there. ill include a couple of pictures of the proofs that i picked up. its not much to look at but its more for posterity. (above pictured)

These past few weeks i have really been getting my crunch on and working on gettting prints ready for Planet Comic Con, blue printing my booth, networking with other artists and just practicing. Having no experience whatsoever at cons is a bit intimidating but i look at it as more of an oppurtunity. Ill learn about prints that sell well and the ones that dont. How to gauge peoples interest. really ill get to learn about all the dynamics at a con. that is awesome. Im still on the fence about whether or not i will do sketches and commission stuff while im there. On one hand it would be great to make some extra money and get more of my work out there, really im there to get more of an audience for Limbo.

Thats all i got for today folks, big news about the comic being printed currently as you read this. There are a couple of comic book shops here in the KC Metro Area that will be selling them and i will have the store on my website if you cant make it here. Im planning by March 13th i will have the store up and fully operational. You will be able to buy all my wares and really just treat yourself.

Alright last thing: plugs about following me on twitter (@kristoff2099), be sure to share my website and Like It on Facebook. you really have no idea how much that helps get my work out there!

Until next week,


(oh here is page 3 of the comic i did waaaay back when.)

Facebook - page 3

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