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Hey everyone, looks like im a day or two behind updating but loads of great news this week. First off i went and got some test prints done. Limbo is officially printed and ready for circulation. and i have slowly been cleaning up my studio to have a little more efficient work area. The prints turned out great and i cant wait for people to see them. im still figuring out the types of paper to get things printed on. its a fun and frustrating process but still pretty cool. I start off doing a pencil thumbnail of the sketch im thinking of. then i go through and redraw it and make sure everything looks good. after that i ink them and try to get some bold line work. next after that i scan it and photoshop some colors. boom.


Where the magic happens

Alright, enough of that. This week i wanted to take some time out and talk about me. Im usually quick to defer personal stories to someone else because im a bit of a boring dude. I keep to myself mostly. i enjoy playing video games, watching good television, reading comics and, of course, art. ive always had a desire to make art and ever since i was little i have enjoyed comic books. Right now is a great time for comics. Growing up superhero stories usually involved a guy or two in lycra suits punching each other. The best comics would take this simple premise and add some tension and themes that 30 or 40 years ago would have been taboo. For every story involving Superman beating up the villian of the week, there would be one or two about a sidekick dealing with drug addiction. While i love those simple stories of Good vs Evil, the ones that really got my egg cooking were the stories of heroes with conflicted pasts or themes that (while i may have been too young to understand) provoked more of an emotional reaction. I can remember clearly going every week to purchase the death of superman. In retrospect, its a really simple story but the fact that at the end of it you had the double splash page of superman dead in Lois' arm. man, that is some gripping stuff for a little dude to see. Well where im trying to take this thought is that even Superman was vulnerable, even Superman could deal with real stories.

Now you can find great stories at your local comic shop, online via webcomics and about everyday there is some great Kickstarter trying to get their story out. thats exactly what im trying to do. This story ive come up with is certainly spawned from the nightmares i use to have and how my friend Tyler and i talked about them trying to determine if maybe their was some hidden meaning to them. Maybe i couldnt see Sebastians face when he was sleeping because of a weak relationship with my father (friends unproven theory). The story has a lot to say about Adam and Eve and Genesis, could that be because of my doubts with my religion? honestly, who knows, im sure its a combination of everything but really it lead me on a path to not only illustrate these ideas but to also do some work on myself.

While thats probably enough for now. Ill try to add more about me and this project and everything else im working on. Be sure to add me on Facebook/Twitter, Like my page, Share my stuff all that jazz. I appreciate every click you make to spread me out there and thank each and every one of you for doing so! Ummm, last little bit, Planet Comic Con will be here in (OMG) 9 days. Get your tickets, come visit me, buy stuff (or dont), and check out all the other artist.

Thanks again everyone,


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