Listen... do you smell something?

I sure do, it smells like Planet Comic Con! The aroma of 11 x 17 prints, business cards, comic books, and people dressed as your favorite (insert popular media) characters. I cant wait to see all the other artists and great artwork. Every year i am super impressed by everything and judging by what i have been told, this years Con is going to be HUGE! I believe we are going to have over 200 people in artist alley. Hot dog!

I have been super busy getting everything ready to go, and while i would have loved to have more prints and merchandise there, im excited i can finally sell Limbo to more people. On that note i am super excited to everyone who has already purchased the book and cant wait to see all my friends and family this weekend. To everyone who couldnt make it, i appreciate the calls and texts. Ill just be sure to see you next year :)

This weekend im going to try and take as many pictures as my forgetfullness will allow. That way you can see the comic convention through my eyes and maybe stuff you may have missed. Unfortunately, i wont find out where my booth is until tomorrow morning buuutttt ill be sure to post, everywhere? when i find out. I wanted to let people know that at the con ill be doing comissions too. it just doesnt seem right not to! Dont be afraid to visit though im going to only do a handful at a time that way i can still meet people.

Oh, i forgot to add i finally got Instagram, just add me under kristoforharris. You can click the button and see my stuff. be warned i havent really put anything on there but i will be adding a bunch of pics from the con and probably some cosplayers. I wish i could stay and type more but i really need to keep getting things prepared. I would really like, no love, if we could get this little site rolled past 100 Facebook likes before this weekend. Share with everyone. Tell your friends, girlfriends, Moms, moms girlfriends, people who have access to the internet. literally everyone. It only takes a minute but it is the single most useful way for us to reach a bigger audience. Everyone who shares this blog with others it helps too! I receive great messages daily from people and love hearing from everyone. So dont be bashful, click them buttons!

Thanks again guys, expect to see a ton of new info next week and ill also be showing some work from issue two but i shouldnt get ahead of myself.


Facebook - Untitled

^^ Green Lantern sketch while watching Unbreakable Kimmie..which you should be watching too!

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