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Oh my goodness. what an awesome, awesome weekend. Planet Comic Con exceeded my expectations. I came in looking to move a few books and ended up selling a bunch of them. I got to meet some great artists and plenty of awesome customers. I didnt sell as many prints as i would have liked but i did sell a bunch of them. Its awesome knowing someone, somewhere is going to be hanging up my Rick and Morty print. I also sold my Ambiguously Gay Duo painting to a cat named Alex. he was a great dude and im glad he fell in love with it as much i had. So starting this week i am going to apply at a few more Comic conventions. Probably Kansas City Comic Con and the smallville Con. Hopefully i have the same amount of luck. Alright so i am going to be posting a bunch of progress work in the next coming weeks.

+ I will be working on a pretty offbeat, black comedy, comic book and it is going to be nuts.

+ I am still pumping out a bunch of the commissions i missed this weekend. If you are one of those people, know that i am working hard on them!!!

+I will be posting some info on new prints ill be bringing with me too.

Other than that guys thank you. i really, really appreciate everyone who stopped by my booth and took home a little bit of me with them. I learned a great deal about cons and i cant wait to apply that to the future. If you missed out on getting a comic, dont sweat it you can still buy it on my website.

Okay guys same plug as usual, follow me on the social media sites, share and like my page and be sure to shoot me a message!

Later everyone!


Facebook - Pooch gettin into the holiday spirit

This terrible creature is my dog Pooch, i will be adding photos of the Con tonight!

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