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Hey al i just wanted to check in since it has been awhile. Things have been going pretty well and i am work on art daily now. After planet con (which i had a blast at) I met a cool dude named alex and after checking out my stuff he asked me to help develop a comic book and illustrate it. AWESOME right?yes, actually it is. Its called Cocaine Pet Shop. It follows the story of a crazed dude addicted to booze, pain killers, etc and him trying to stop (what he thinks) is the local Asian gang overlord. its going to be bonkers with loads of fun action and humour and a sweet tongue in cheek story. Ill keep you updated on all these new CPS stuff.

Speaking on that matter, Lets discuss my plans with LImbo Issue 2. I am currently still selling issue 1 and while yes i have a lot of work done with issue 2 my goal right now is still to reach out to as many people as i can. Which leads me to my next point....

I will be at Kansas City Comic Con as a guest artist! that should help me sell a few more copies of Limbo as well as get out issue one of Cocaine Pet Shop.

Issue 2 of limbo is going to pick up with our main character in a strange new world with problems he isnt prepared for. Starting then i will be dwelving deep into this lore im creating to introduce a setting wholly unique and satisfying. i still want to keep that pulpy, retro feel to it, but through modern lenses. Next week i will add a sequential page of some of the work from it.

While my Limbotarians, LImbozens....something witty there, I am off to finish some more work and keep my head glued to that pen and paper. Thanks again to everyone who follows me and stay tuned for more news of when you can meet me and buy me a drink. maybe ill even sell you a comic book. Oh, i almost forgot. For KCCC i will be adding a slew of new prints, and removing some of the ones that didnt do as well. I have some great, funny ideas for prints and cant wait to share them.

OKie dokie guys, same drill as always, Share, Like, Rinse and Repeat. I love all of love,

Facebook - Untitled

Facebook - Untitled

Facebook - WIP of page 1 of a new comic book im working on.jpg

you give me and cant wait to show you more.

Butterfly Kisses,


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