Ground Control to Major Tom

WIP page 4

Hey Everyone, it has been forrreevver. I have been so busy lately that i have neglected to post my recent work and whats been going on in my life. Well short answer: penciling, Inking, and Coloring (and half the lettering work) of a new book coming out soon. Ive talked a little bit about Cocaine Pet Shop but this book is going to be nuts. I am really stretching my legs and getting out of my comfort zone for this and it has been excellent. For every tough page or panel that i have been wrapping my brains around ive learned something thats going to help me in the future.

I have been practicing new things for Limbo issue 2 as well. Ive kind of tinkered with the story and some smaller things that probably most people wont notice but its going to be a dramatic shift from issue one. We go from a world that is clearly grounded in our reality to this new world filled with monsters and demons and landscapes weve never witnessed before. I am so excited to get this out to you. i am thinking of making a 'directors cut' that will include issue 1 and 2 together and a little bit of a tie in book in between them to catch readers up and to fill in the events of things that have happened after Sebastians fate is revealed at the end of issue 1.

Well the next time you will be able to see me and catch up is going to be in august at Kansas City's Comic Con. Loads of cool guest are going to be there and top notch creators too. be sure to make an entrance and get some books. After that i am looking at maybe going to Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio to try and move some of my art down there but we shall see.

Same plugs as always, but please and thank you share and like this stuff. be sure to leave comments as well. Let me know what you are thinking and how life has been, include where you are from too im curious to see whos all reading this. oh check out some of the art i added into the gallery and you can see some of the work i am doing for Cocaine Pet Shop. i have some great stuff going into Limbo that i have been itching to post real soon.

Thanks again everyone, i appreciate every second you spend on here and cant wait to reveal more.

Stay Classy,



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