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Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know im still alive and well. Finished Cocaine Pet Shop and went to Kansas City Comic Con! Had a blast, sold a few books and met some really cool people. well fast forward about a week and a publisher calls the co-author and say he would like to publish our work!!! so cool right? wrong. They honey pot him into throwing me under the bus, going with one of their house artists (they have two) and re doing the book, using some of my panels and layouts. really cool right? So long story short, i spent 5 months helping this kid out and making this comic book we came up with just so he could run to the first person and get rid of me. He wants to *atleast* give me 1000$ for my time (see:hush money) and send me on my way. because i guess spending 600+ hours equates to roughly 1000$ bucks. *sigh* im still getting over my bitterness butttttt this atleast allows me to rededicate myself to LImbo issue 2. i have a couple pages done now and i will update it soon! Thanks again everyone and be sure to like, share, comment and repeat!!

Best wishes,


Oh BTW, if you want a FREE copy of Cocaine Pet Shop, send me a message and i can hook that up. Its my best work yet and a pretty cool read!

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