Monday Funday

What a fun filled Monday! took Leanora to the dr's today to find out she had a cold. cant be too safe so im glad its was something minor. i am also working with an author to set up a weekly webcomic. It will premier next monday so until then i would love if we could try to increase our audience. I set up a button on my fbook art page so when you click it, it will take you right here. more details to come while i work out the details.

I also want to do more to give away some of my art, so if anyone has any good suggestions for a contest just send me a message on the bottom of my page and i will pick some of the best ones. im thinking once a month i am going to send somebody a box of art and other randomness im in to but i want it to be fun.

Well, other than that, i am working on a bunch of fun projects plus ill be posting a calender on here so you can see my con schedule and activities.

Thanks again everyone for checking in, prepare for shameless plug.

Be sure to hit that like button, share, retweet, get weird and oh check out that new instagram widget at the bottom of the page. i update a picture daily on it.


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