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Hey party people, sorry for the long delay in my ramblings but ive been busy making some art. I am working on a really slick webcomic launching soon (wink wink), a super rad western/future sci fi comic named Charl13, and a couple secret projects i cant spill too many beans about and of course Respite #2.

Speaking of Respite, notice you can now download it in my store! i am currently working to update the store more and add prints, stickers, banners, posters, etc, etc, etc so everyone can have a little Kristofor harris to display on their walls. Which brings me to another fun subject: Paintings.

I recently met with a gallery (Avis art gallery in downtown Overland Park) to have my worked exhibited there. its been great so far getting to get out of my shell and mingle with fellow artists and sell some of my paintings. im not much of a social person, so getting acclimated talking to other creators has always been a big opportunity for me. anyway, I really enjoy comic book art and will always continue to create it, but painting has been a huge influence in not just my artistic life, but my life in general. My mother is an artist, and from a very early age ive always been in love with her work and in turn all the art resources she has. i ate up every little reference book, or art books and i can still remember the first time falling in love with an artists work (Picasso by the way).

This started my "research" phase of life where i was trying to discover the type of person i was, the person i wanted to be and definitely the person i wanted to avoid. I hit the grunge and post punk music pretty hard, got really into Nirvana (still love them) and subsequently discovered Kurt Cobains infamous journal and realized that creating was what i should be doing. I was always one of the better artists in school (makes me cringe thinking about it now with how much better ive become) but i didnt really hone my craft until the past year and a half or so. I did learn though that life is like art. You will get better if you practice, you can see positive results if you dont give up and that you are not always going to create things people like. The most important aspect is to focus on becoming the best "you" that you can be and everything else will fall into place. really, it will.

well, the research phase is still active, but i have a pretty solid plan going forward. I still sometimes struggle and doubt myself, but i feel without a little introspection here and there, you cant grow as a person. so kids, stick with it and when life gets you down, remember....MY STORE IS NOW UP AND RUNNING AND YOU CAN BUY RESPITE STRAIGHT FROM THE INTERNETS!

OKay, this post went on wayyyy longer than i had intended but thanks for checking it out and if you feel like you are in the giving mood, be sure to like, share, and do all that fun stuff for me. Ill be posting more news soon about cons for the end of summer and fall, and more info on my current projects!

(art by the big fella and colors by Jesse Heagy)

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